Priest Creep

I want to start this thanking the great guys over on Between the bolter and me for featuring me in their list. Such an honour, It made my day! Threw in some fugly sketch concept at the end of this post just for you!

Finished the foul insectoid priest I showed in my last post.

Probably my most extensively converted model on top of my absolutely most converted base. Pretty happy with this gribbleness-mess


Also: two skulls I sculpted for this project. One normal sized and a supersized one that I thought could become some kind of unpleasant giant servo skull crab.

I didn’t make a lot of concept art for the two priests but I did make some exploratory sketches for fugitive tech inhabitants of the Thorne moons when I saw Tonis forest stalker.


Lump’n dump

Ages since I posted!

Due to work I cant spare much time but I’ve lumped together a few pics of stuff I’ve been working on for the past two months just to let you guys know im not dead.

.Varangoi Valkyr.

I had an idea for a secretive faction within the inquisition, whose agents purpose was to herald the act of Exterminatus on particularly important worlds.

Moments before the complete destruction of a strategically valuable world, its forlorn inhabitants would hear three great ominous blows from an ancient horn.

The armour was based on an old horus heresy sketch by Blanche.

(The paintjob is not quite done yet. Inks on the shoulderpads, black eyes and base painting remains)

Two horrid degenerated insectoid techpriests. These vermin would scurry like roaches beneath the bark-clad boot heel of the thorne kynges.

Ancient survivors of lost expeditionary fleets sent to the Thorne-moons. Priests who have shed any notion of honour in order to survive beneath the roots.

All an homage to the Thorn goodness going on over on Ironsleet

I’ve been meaning to revisit The Thunder king and his Techno barbarians of Mars, But I’ve not been feeling up to the task as of late. I Painted this guy to nail down some ideas for the barbarians face paint/tattoo

let me know what you guys think, Cheers!

Karkosha Tree



Its been a very busy couple of months so Ive had to completely suppress my warhammer addiction, But I felt like I couldnt end the year without giving some sort of update. Some of you might remember a teaser for this terrain piece a while back. So here it is in all its hard-to-photo glory!

Made it with one of the absolutely fantastic concepts that John Blanche did for the Pilgrym in mind. Check it out here

Theres still a lot to do. Im looking to muddying up the base with all kind of marshy sumpness. But dont expect anything finished soon.


Anyways, I hope the holidays will treat you well.

Ink dump



Servo Medusa, inspired by Migs outstanding model.


Spyrer Brat or bastard. Taxidermy loincloth ripped from Frans Floris design


Below: random old(ish) rough concepts for actual minis


Spyrer brat, Eagle Cultist or maybe Macharian cultist.


A pair of sumpkarls for my Outgardian sump crew


I Outgards Utgård


..-9  I¤I  6-..

In the pathetic light of a weak moon, nightmares would stride from the sickly Sumps inner.

No doubt now, somebody was living in Karkosh again.

In the dirt-yellow light they came and behind them they would, with string and chain and rope, drag along Hades.

..-6  I¤I  9-..

A li’ll ol’ teaser and wip for some Outgardian Nonsense I’ve been tinkering with. Mixing some Bosh and Breugel with John Blanche’s Sump crews.

Now Since I don’t want to intrude uninvited on the Outgard project I’ll be placing myself in a sump far beyond the thousand lakes:)

Hope you like it!


Back with some Bosch

It’s been quite a while since my last post. It’s been quite a while since I did anything warhammery for that matter! I’ve been mired in work this past month-and-a-half but now I finally have some free time.

Looked over all the stuff I’ve missed at the ammobunker and came across the wonderful Outgard project

Starving for both modeling and painting I jumped into work and made this sinister li’l guy

Bosch boy 1Bosch boy 2Bosch boy 3

In my head I called him Bosch Boy when I worked on him, but I haven’t thought of anything official yet.

Maybe some kind of Wych-tech gene-servoskull?

Base detail:

Bosch boy 4

I actually rather like the grot scuttlings, fun and quirky models that gives the fantasy some much needed gothic-surrealism. Ofcourse if I had been a huge fan of the original grots or goblins or orks for that matter I can see how you can get a little angry with the appearance of these buggers.


I also restarted work on my Proto-martian technobarbarians!

wip 33


wip 34



Foul Winds

I’ve neglected blogging for so long now! Real-life stuff is taking place big time right now. I’ve been working in Stockholm on and off for a while and will continue to do so (hopefully).

When I was in Stockholm most recently I dug up some really old warhammers from my parents home. My ugly dark-angels knockoffs and my boring chaos warriors. I broke their backs and arms and made some quick conversions and then I painted them just for the hell off it. It’s very liberating painting a model that’s been painted roughly 2-3 times before. I don’t have to worry about making it neat or muddying up details since the once neat model has already been ravaged by inexperienced painting hands.

The brand new models I convert have a tendency to “own” me, rather than the other way around. They feel to valuable to mess up with paint. With these old ones I feel detached and can be as messy as I please.


So without further ado here is some (slightly oldhammery) chaotic distractions!

This guy(a son of horus maybe?) was first painted as a black templar, then an ultramarine and finally a dark angel.


Drenched in washes and ‘ardcoat!

A chaos standard and a mutated warrior. + a work in progress khorne champion I started working on long ago.



Man I need to paint more leopard pattern on stuff!

Hopefully I’ll make more updates in the future. Even though we’ve been struck with very warm weather.

Ps: I apologise to my Imperial followers for this unseemly display of heretics



Back on the Pilgrym road!

Got my first free time in two weeks today (and yesterday evening). So I went nuts and made a lot of progress on some Pilgrym guys that’s been stuck in the blu-tac phase.

wip 26

Pilgrym Tylif Liederre. The lone survivor of his once grand band of Pilgryms. He saw his spiritual family ripped apart by Terra’s natives.

Seneca Valbatoxhe, holder of the ancient title House-priest for Spyre 255-66, Otherwise known as Myriodons Tooth.


wip 24wip 25

wip 22wip 23

all of it very much insired by John Blanches faboulus Ironsleet stuff ofcourse. They still have some greenstuff-work missing but the day is not over yet.

Also made some slight progress on the old gladiator I showed you earlier

wip 28

I think I’m going to go with option one, but I’m not a hundred percent sure…

And then some rough tac jobs:

wip 27         wip 30         wip 29

  1. Hunchback Pilgrym With a dead imperial hero taxidermy kinda thing on his back, Still looking for suitable arms. Im thinking something like a crude short walking staff.
  2. Made this guy for no reason other than I tought the genestealer cult torso would look fitting as Astropathian armour. Kinda happy with the servo skull thou.
  3. Another Martian Techno-barbarian: Skulkh Bul-Hadr, Mutant warrior of the Thunder Kings personal warband. All I’m missing now is a proto-techpriest and the thunder king himself.



more or less finished my hunchback techpriest. Flash photography is not kind. I’ll try to photo him tomorrow during daylight… Ugh…

wip 21

Got help with painting gold on the grenade launcher from the talented Toni.

Tried to paint quickly and expressionistic using lotso different washes, it was fun. Getting more hyped about painting red bases for my Martian-techno-barbarians.

Speaking of with blu-tacked this guy:


wip 20

Lodge warrior from the Thunder Kings inner circle. (again ignore the leg part)

I’m pretty happy with the archeotech plasma pistol.