Foul Winds

I’ve neglected blogging for so long now! Real-life stuff is taking place big time right now. I’ve been working in Stockholm on and off for a while and will continue to do so (hopefully).

When I was in Stockholm most recently I dug up some really old warhammers from my parents home. My ugly dark-angels knockoffs and my boring chaos warriors. I broke their backs and arms and made some quick conversions and then I painted them just for the hell off it. It’s very liberating painting a model that’s been painted roughly 2-3 times before. I don’t have to worry about making it neat or muddying up details since the once neat model has already been ravaged by inexperienced painting hands.

The brand new models I convert have a tendency to “own” me, rather than the other way around. They feel to valuable to mess up with paint. With these old ones I feel detached and can be as messy as I please.


So without further ado here is some (slightly oldhammery) chaotic distractions!

This guy(a son of horus maybe?) was first painted as a black templar, then an ultramarine and finally a dark angel.


Drenched in washes and ‘ardcoat!

A chaos standard and a mutated warrior. + a work in progress khorne champion I started working on long ago.



Man I need to paint more leopard pattern on stuff!

Hopefully I’ll make more updates in the future. Even though we’ve been struck with very warm weather.

Ps: I apologise to my Imperial followers for this unseemly display of heretics



19 thoughts on “Foul Winds

      1. Woa, yes, if you’d be willing to to do that I’d be very gratefull!!
        Finding good blanche photos is quite the challenge on the net
        and no I don’t have the codex regrettably.


  1. Bringing the old school feel of painted minis back to the newer models. They look great and the free hand is the best. I don’t think with my incredibly shaky hands I can do even a quarter as good as your free hand! The standard bearer is my favorite but all of them are awesome.
    I always hesitate to undercoat miniatures as I feel it kind off “removes” the magic behind the building process and since my painting is usually garbage, I tend to ruin it 😛
    What was that skull shaped object in the background in the last picture? Really fits in with the minis.


    1. yeah shaky hands is always in the way. I painted the shield seperately by sticking it to the table with putty. It’s almost like painting on a piece of paper(which Im way more comfertable with)
      Thank you for the kind words!
      My girlfriend sculpted it in clay and painted it with acrylics for my birthday last year.


  2. As all the other guys have already pointed out, these reallylook like lost John Blanche pieces from the 2nd edition days! Fabulous work!

    The Son of Horus really exudes malice and cold intent, and his armour seems like an excellent mix between the Sons’ old and new colours. Extra kudos for the fantastic freehand Eye of Horus!

    The Chaos Warriors are definitely the stars of the show for me! Love the leopard fur, and the shield on that right guy is just breathtaking!


    1. Cheers Kraut! You guys are too kind!
      Hopefully there’ll be more chaotism on this page in the future for you and the rest of the warp-dwellers:)


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