First Post!


The name is actually Marcus, but marco works better when constructing catchy webpage names. I prefer to be called Marcus though(yes this situation is not as streamlined as it could be)

I’ve been converting and concepting a lot of warhammer miniatures for the past year and a half or so, but I’ve never felt a need to show them.

Until now!

The fantastic group effort known as The Pilgrym and the wonderful people behind it has inspired me to start this blog. If you haven’t seen it go check it out now at ironsleet, it’s as rad as all hell! in the spirit of the reason for me actually getting off my ass and stopping lurking in the shadows, I’d like to start out the blogging by posting a fan art piece I made with the Pilgym setting in mind.

The gilded carcass of Terra

the gilded carcass of Terra

This blog will be an attempt at getting closer to the heartwarming community around INQ28.

The blog will showcase my conversions, sculpts and sometimes painted art. Painted art like the thing above and conversions like the thing below

wip 1