more or less finished my hunchback techpriest. Flash photography is not kind. I’ll try to photo him tomorrow during daylight… Ugh…

wip 21

Got help with painting gold on the grenade launcher from the talented Toni.

Tried to paint quickly and expressionistic using lotso different washes, it was fun. Getting more hyped about painting red bases for my Martian-techno-barbarians.

Speaking of with blu-tacked this guy:


wip 20

Lodge warrior from the Thunder Kings inner circle. (again ignore the leg part)

I’m pretty happy with the archeotech plasma pistol.


9 thoughts on “Mars

  1. The hunch backed Tech-Priest is looking very cool — nice and gritty!

    As for the kitbash, well: The cleanup work on the torso is, for the most part, pretty excellent, especially the animal skull. At the same time, however, I cannot shake the feeling that you’re losing something of the model’s originality with the new arms: I really liked the craziness of the previous version, especially the unwieldy arm stump with the crazy smaller augmetics surrounding it. The staff was also awesome. And NOOO! You lost the brilliant peg leg!

    So while it’s still a great looking kitbash, the earlier version somehow seemed more original and crazy and wonderful. Sorry… 😦


    1. Thanks Krauty!
      Don’t worry The weapon-arm-guy from the last post is still alive! This guy was meant to be a more light and sneaky kind of warrior.
      Both will be a part of the Thunder Kings warband:)


      1. Oh, right — I thought it was the same guy, based on the missing left foot and everything. Whew, that is quite a relief, to be honest, as the first guy was awesome. Weirdingway levels of awesome, that is 😉

        Well, in that case, carry on, good sir!

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  2. Your paintwork is great, I love all the freehand symbols. I’m really excited about the barbarians too; I seriously can’t wait to see how they turn out 🙂


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