Lump’n dump

Ages since I posted!

Due to work I cant spare much time but I’ve lumped together a few pics of stuff I’ve been working on for the past two months just to let you guys know im not dead.

.Varangoi Valkyr.

I had an idea for a secretive faction within the inquisition, whose agents purpose was to herald the act of Exterminatus on particularly important worlds.

Moments before the complete destruction of a strategically valuable world, its forlorn inhabitants would hear three great ominous blows from an ancient horn.

The armour was based on an old horus heresy sketch by Blanche.

(The paintjob is not quite done yet. Inks on the shoulderpads, black eyes and base painting remains)

Two horrid degenerated insectoid techpriests. These vermin would scurry like roaches beneath the bark-clad boot heel of the thorne kynges.

Ancient survivors of lost expeditionary fleets sent to the Thorne-moons. Priests who have shed any notion of honour in order to survive beneath the roots.

All an homage to the Thorn goodness going on over on Ironsleet

I’ve been meaning to revisit The Thunder king and his Techno barbarians of Mars, But I’ve not been feeling up to the task as of late. I Painted this guy to nail down some ideas for the barbarians face paint/tattoo

let me know what you guys think, Cheers!

16 thoughts on “Lump’n dump

  1. Great to see new stuff from you! Same thing going on here too, slowly waking up from the winter slumber… Love the colours on the varangoi valkyr and those techpriests are guaranteed marcominius goodness!


  2. I’m glad you’re back! Your conversions never cease to amaze me. They’re just so detailed, they almost make me forget that they’re 28mm scale.
    How do you sculpt your fur? It’s much better than my own attempts haha


    1. Hey thanks!
      Hard to say really, I keep trying to emulate Jb’s sump crew fur from years ago. I try to make it look slimy yet still like fur.
      I flatten a blob of greenstuff on the model and then push it out and about with scalpel for sharp crisp fur and the backend of a needle for softer fur.

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  3. Such an incredible mix of characters. The super detailed look of your barbarians and scavengers is so inspiring.

    I sent you a pm on the bunker 😉


  4. Yay! You’re not dead! hehe

    I do love the idea of the Exterminatus Herald. I do imagine cults and apocalyptic preachers to appear along side him as his ominous howls from the horn echo throughout the planet.

    The insectoid priests are grotesque and they look like parasites scuttling around great trees on the moons. The one with the wires and cables for a head is my favorite, just grim!

    The illustration is a great mix between Warhammer 21k and Mad Max. He reminds me of a war boy and the face paint tells a story of how the early Martians are starting to embrace machinery and The Motive Force.


    1. Haha yea exactly! And as the herald teleports back to the ship in orbit, the preachers are left behind gladly embracing the holie detonations.
      Cheers mate! Any modelling projects going on? You should make some plastic renditions of the characters on your instagram.


  5. The Varangoi Valkyr is so close to the JB art that inspired it that it could be an official model. Excellent stuff!

    What really thrills me is the sketch at the bottom, though! I can hardly wait for you to revisit those Tech-Barbarians, and if that sketch is anything to go by , we should be in for a world of goodness once you do (spontaneous idea: I think one of the AoS Slaughterpriest models might be a good start when trying to build a model to fit that excellent sketch).


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