Foul Winds

I’ve neglected blogging for so long now! Real-life stuff is taking place big time right now. I’ve been working in Stockholm on and off for a while and will continue to do so (hopefully).

When I was in Stockholm most recently I dug up some really old warhammers from my parents home. My ugly dark-angels knockoffs and my boring chaos warriors. I broke their backs and arms and made some quick conversions and then I painted them just for the hell off it. It’s very liberating painting a model that’s been painted roughly 2-3 times before. I don’t have to worry about making it neat or muddying up details since the once neat model has already been ravaged by inexperienced painting hands.

The brand new models I convert have a tendency to “own” me, rather than the other way around. They feel to valuable to mess up with paint. With these old ones I feel detached and can be as messy as I please.


So without further ado here is some (slightly oldhammery) chaotic distractions!

This guy(a son of horus maybe?) was first painted as a black templar, then an ultramarine and finally a dark angel.


Drenched in washes and ‘ardcoat!

A chaos standard and a mutated warrior. + a work in progress khorne champion I started working on long ago.



Man I need to paint more leopard pattern on stuff!

Hopefully I’ll make more updates in the future. Even though we’ve been struck with very warm weather.

Ps: I apologise to my Imperial followers for this unseemly display of heretics