Back on the Pilgrym road!

Got my first free time in two weeks today (and yesterday evening). So I went nuts and made a lot of progress on some Pilgrym guys that’s been stuck in the blu-tac phase.

wip 26

Pilgrym Tylif Liederre. The lone survivor of his once grand band of Pilgryms. He saw his spiritual family ripped apart by Terra’s natives.

Seneca Valbatoxhe, holder of the ancient title House-priest for Spyre 255-66, Otherwise known as Myriodons Tooth.


wip 24wip 25

wip 22wip 23

all of it very much insired by John Blanches faboulus Ironsleet stuff ofcourse. They still have some greenstuff-work missing but the day is not over yet.

Also made some slight progress on the old gladiator I showed you earlier

wip 28

I think I’m going to go with option one, but I’m not a hundred percent sure…

And then some rough tac jobs:

wip 27         wip 30         wip 29

  1. Hunchback Pilgrym With a dead imperial hero taxidermy kinda thing on his back, Still looking for suitable arms. Im thinking something like a crude short walking staff.
  2. Made this guy for no reason other than I tought the genestealer cult torso would look fitting as Astropathian armour. Kinda happy with the servo skull thou.
  3. Another Martian Techno-barbarian: Skulkh Bul-Hadr, Mutant warrior of the Thunder Kings personal warband. All I’m missing now is a proto-techpriest and the thunder king himself.


18 thoughts on “Back on the Pilgrym road!

    1. Cheers dude!
      hmmm im still on the fence… option 2 feels more tribal, which isn’t what im going for. Im going for somekind of grimdark roman thing. I might need to look for a third option

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    1. Thank you! I’ll probably try to go for the same paint scheme as Blanche’s “herodd’s boys” on ironsleet.
      for the gladiator im thinking pale red leather, brown clothing, pale skin with black tattoos and lot’s of gold metall.

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  1. Great work! I could see the spyre heads becoming popular thanks to John Blanche and Weirdingway’s ideas. For the gladiator, I would go for option 1 if it would be a little bit smaller as it seems pretty big. I love your modeling style and how do you sculpt the fur?

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    1. thank you!
      I think I might use the gladiator for my proto-martians instead. so then the tribal look with the gasmask feels more appropriate.

      I usually use a knife to shape tiny “worms” in the greenstuff. I start at the bottom and move upwards.


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