Back with some Bosch

It’s been quite a while since my last post. It’s been quite a while since I did anything warhammery for that matter! I’ve been mired in work this past month-and-a-half but now I finally have some free time.

Looked over all the stuff I’ve missed at the ammobunker and came across the wonderful Outgard project

Starving for both modeling and painting I jumped into work and made this sinister li’l guy

Bosch boy 1Bosch boy 2Bosch boy 3

In my head I called him Bosch Boy when I worked on him, but I haven’t thought of anything official yet.

Maybe some kind of Wych-tech gene-servoskull?

Base detail:

Bosch boy 4

I actually rather like the grot scuttlings, fun and quirky models that gives the fantasy some much needed gothic-surrealism. Ofcourse if I had been a huge fan of the original grots or goblins or orks for that matter I can see how you can get a little angry with the appearance of these buggers.


I also restarted work on my Proto-martian technobarbarians!

wip 33


wip 34