Foul Winds

I’ve neglected blogging for so long now! Real-life stuff is taking place big time right now. I’ve been working in Stockholm on and off for a while and will continue to do so (hopefully).

When I was in Stockholm most recently I dug up some really old warhammers from my parents home. My ugly dark-angels knockoffs and my boring chaos warriors. I broke their backs and arms and made some quick conversions and then I painted them just for the hell off it. It’s very liberating painting a model that’s been painted roughly 2-3 times before. I don’t have to worry about making it neat or muddying up details since the once neat model has already been ravaged by inexperienced painting hands.

The brand new models I convert have a tendency to “own” me, rather than the other way around. They feel to valuable to mess up with paint. With these old ones I feel detached and can be as messy as I please.


So without further ado here is some (slightly oldhammery) chaotic distractions!

This guy(a son of horus maybe?) was first painted as a black templar, then an ultramarine and finally a dark angel.


Drenched in washes and ‘ardcoat!

A chaos standard and a mutated warrior. + a work in progress khorne champion I started working on long ago.



Man I need to paint more leopard pattern on stuff!

Hopefully I’ll make more updates in the future. Even though we’ve been struck with very warm weather.

Ps: I apologise to my Imperial followers for this unseemly display of heretics




Back on the Pilgrym road!

Got my first free time in two weeks today (and yesterday evening). So I went nuts and made a lot of progress on some Pilgrym guys that’s been stuck in the blu-tac phase.

wip 26

Pilgrym Tylif Liederre. The lone survivor of his once grand band of Pilgryms. He saw his spiritual family ripped apart by Terra’s natives.

Seneca Valbatoxhe, holder of the ancient title House-priest for Spyre 255-66, Otherwise known as Myriodons Tooth.


wip 24wip 25

wip 22wip 23

all of it very much insired by John Blanches faboulus Ironsleet stuff ofcourse. They still have some greenstuff-work missing but the day is not over yet.

Also made some slight progress on the old gladiator I showed you earlier

wip 28

I think I’m going to go with option one, but I’m not a hundred percent sure…

And then some rough tac jobs:

wip 27         wip 30         wip 29

  1. Hunchback Pilgrym With a dead imperial hero taxidermy kinda thing on his back, Still looking for suitable arms. Im thinking something like a crude short walking staff.
  2. Made this guy for no reason other than I tought the genestealer cult torso would look fitting as Astropathian armour. Kinda happy with the servo skull thou.
  3. Another Martian Techno-barbarian: Skulkh Bul-Hadr, Mutant warrior of the Thunder Kings personal warband. All I’m missing now is a proto-techpriest and the thunder king himself.



more or less finished my hunchback techpriest. Flash photography is not kind. I’ll try to photo him tomorrow during daylight… Ugh…

wip 21

Got help with painting gold on the grenade launcher from the talented Toni.

Tried to paint quickly and expressionistic using lotso different washes, it was fun. Getting more hyped about painting red bases for my Martian-techno-barbarians.

Speaking of with blu-tacked this guy:


wip 20

Lodge warrior from the Thunder Kings inner circle. (again ignore the leg part)

I’m pretty happy with the archeotech plasma pistol.



As the rad-shields fell, we rose!

From verdant earth to red sand. From weakness to strength.

Beat the drum! Toll the great bell! Let the Electric pulse claim your flesh and veins!

Ignite! Ignite! Ignite!


The Electro-King, Arche-Node Phi, to his band of warbrothers before their raid of radiation shelter +28-43-omega+

Saw this awsome post by Alex over at Leadballoony. It reminded me of an old idea that I used to tinker with. A warband from the period when the Cult Mechanicus was just about to see the light of day on the soil of Mars. Techno-tribes and mech-barbarian warlords vying for power in the red apocalyptic wasteland. Mutants and men who would form the foundation of The Mechanicum.

Now I’m back on this idea in full swing (don’t worry I’m gonna finish my HARVSPEX first). Eighties hair for the warrior cults! Strange mutated proto-techpriests! Archeotech weaponry and strange magnetic dreams of a “hollow serpent”! A great King of Mars and his trusted warband.

I’ll want to bring in rad visual influences from the new mad max movie and oldhammer/rogue-trader retro feelings.

I got myself exited!

Here’s some concepts of a heavy warrior from the Hollow Serpent lodge:

ersth dynasti vaering

version 2

ersth dynasti vaering 2

My only worry is that I’ll miss the absence of servoskulls and other classical w40k imperial iconography…

cobbled together a mini with the use of the new genestealer bodies (don’t look at his legs, They are completely temporary and will be replaced by something that looks like the legs in my concepts above)

wip 19

Let me know what you think guys!

More Wips

I’m back from Stockholm. I’ve been bogged down with work the past few days, so I haven’t done much warhammering.

But I’ve thrown together some fresh wips for ya all.

wip 16 wip 15

An ancient techpriest, a Forgeworld elder. This was an old model I made almost one year ago. I made it mostly to practice greenstuffing cloth and such. spruced it up slightly in the past day and base coated it. Now I’ll use it to practice painting:) the circle is complete.

wip 18


An armoured Explorator, perhaps previously a Skitarii vanguard commander. I’m gonna do some more work on his arms and stomach, but hopefully I’ll have him ready for paint before too long…

wip 17 wip 14

Two tack concepts. The first one is a rough bitzconcept of how I might make the AVGVR DOMINVS that I mentioned in a previous post.

The second one is some kind of Psyker/witch huntress. Many of the bitz are placeholders right now. I’m going to sculpt a lot in greenstuff and try to make her reminiscent of a Sister of Silence.


since people’s been asking what’s up with the huntress here are some (suuuper rough) concepts for how  I intend to make her look

gargyla gargyla 2


Let me know what you think!

Also as a bonus:


my gloriously primitive greenstuff tool altar



lupus gladiator



I’m in Stockholm for a week or so. This means I’m unable work with my beloved bitz or my two-component love: greenstuff. To keep my w40k mind at ease I painted some concept art of another Gladiator. I really enjoy making these, next up I’m thinking harpy/eagle/vulture something…

Hope you can forgive the coming week’s lack of actual models:I

Gladiator Bodyguard

hippocampus gladiatorus



Though feared by most Pilgryms, the Harvspices Collegium are a group mostly disdained by the functioning organisations on Terra. They often find themselves harassed and threatened. The Aether sipped dull the priest’s body, whatever speed and agility is needed from a warrior can not be found in these men.

Smoke, narcoticae and surgical weaponry can deter a lone attacker or two. But when faced with an organized military opponent priests, even in groups, stand little chance.

The Collegium are known to turn to the Collisevms and fighting pits of TERRA for muscular strength and security. The wealth accumulated from Pilgrym spoils and the flowing gold that comes from above are more than enough to acquire a strong man for each of the groups that thread the floors of TERRA.

Filled with chemicals and with a hideous visage formed by ancient Terran myth, these fighters fit well into the narcotic enhanced mysticism of the Collegium groups.

The mere presence of a single of these Gladiator monsters makes even a competent soldier doubt his and his allies chances.

* * *

So after I saw John Blanches latest fantastic contribution to the Pilgrym project (check it out!) I simply had to make something with a robot crabclaw.

I made this rough concept sketch and then got to work on finding appropriate bitz. Here’s what I got so far:

wip 12

Still a lot of work remaining. I think I’m gonna let him rest for a While and keep working on the first Harvspex priest.

I think he’s coming along nicely. Need to add a hood and some fur + add some more length to his robes so that he’ll look taller and more gangly.

wip 13