Priest Creep

I want to start this thanking the great guys over on Between the bolter and me for featuring me in their list. Such an honour, It made my day! Threw in some fugly sketch concept at the end of this post just for you!

Finished the foul insectoid priest I showed in my last post.

Probably my most extensively converted model on top of my absolutely most converted base. Pretty happy with this gribbleness-mess


Also: two skulls I sculpted for this project. One normal sized and a supersized one that I thought could become some kind of unpleasant giant servo skull crab.

I didn’t make a lot of concept art for the two priests but I did make some exploratory sketches for fugitive tech inhabitants of the Thorne moons when I saw Tonis forest stalker.


Lump’n dump

Ages since I posted!

Due to work I cant spare much time but I’ve lumped together a few pics of stuff I’ve been working on for the past two months just to let you guys know im not dead.

.Varangoi Valkyr.

I had an idea for a secretive faction within the inquisition, whose agents purpose was to herald the act of Exterminatus on particularly important worlds.

Moments before the complete destruction of a strategically valuable world, its forlorn inhabitants would hear three great ominous blows from an ancient horn.

The armour was based on an old horus heresy sketch by Blanche.

(The paintjob is not quite done yet. Inks on the shoulderpads, black eyes and base painting remains)

Two horrid degenerated insectoid techpriests. These vermin would scurry like roaches beneath the bark-clad boot heel of the thorne kynges.

Ancient survivors of lost expeditionary fleets sent to the Thorne-moons. Priests who have shed any notion of honour in order to survive beneath the roots.

All an homage to the Thorn goodness going on over on Ironsleet

I’ve been meaning to revisit The Thunder king and his Techno barbarians of Mars, But I’ve not been feeling up to the task as of late. I Painted this guy to nail down some ideas for the barbarians face paint/tattoo

let me know what you guys think, Cheers!