Back with some Bosch

It’s been quite a while since my last post. It’s been quite a while since I did anything warhammery for that matter! I’ve been mired in work this past month-and-a-half but now I finally have some free time.

Looked over all the stuff I’ve missed at the ammobunker and came across the wonderful Outgard project

Starving for both modeling and painting I jumped into work and made this sinister li’l guy

Bosch boy 1Bosch boy 2Bosch boy 3

In my head I called him Bosch Boy when I worked on him, but I haven’t thought of anything official yet.

Maybe some kind of Wych-tech gene-servoskull?

Base detail:

Bosch boy 4

I actually rather like the grot scuttlings, fun and quirky models that gives the fantasy some much needed gothic-surrealism. Ofcourse if I had been a huge fan of the original grots or goblins or orks for that matter I can see how you can get a little angry with the appearance of these buggers.


I also restarted work on my Proto-martian technobarbarians!

wip 33


wip 34



15 thoughts on “Back with some Bosch

  1. I absolutely love what you’ve done with that scuttling, I hope you don’t mind if I steal the idea? My horned witch needs a companion!

    Technomad is brilliant as well; Completely cluttered and over-detailed, as any Mars dwelling barbarian should be.


  2. YES! My thirst is quenched from this awesome new post. Welcome back Marco 😉
    I love Boshboy and man oh man, these barbarians are looking goood. Is the technomad some kind of Mage? The magic is just advanced technology that his peers don’t even understand.


  3. Huzzah, an update! Bosch Boy is very Bosch indeed! So far I’ve seen the scuttlings as an interesting idea suffering from a rather horrible execution, but your conversion has really transformed the underwhelming base miniature. Excellent stuff!

    I am also beyond thrilled to see some new Techno-Barbarian WIPs from you — any chance of bigger pictures, though?

    Anyway, good to have you back!


    1. It’s about time GW made something underwhelming that rubs us the wrong way. To much beautiful perfect muscular anatomy and sparkling superdetailed armour. Where’s the weird and ugly? The pathetic? And the downright offensive? (atleast to nightgoblin players)
      The scuttlings where actually the only thing I bought from the silver tower box from the bitzshop

      Aw man, forgot to link images to media file. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

      Cheers Kraut!


      1. Weird and offensive I could deal with, but the scuttlings look like starter box models from twenty years ago — at least in their stock version. But like I said, you’ve really done a number on the base model and transformed it into something brilliant!

        I had to chuckle at the media file link mishap, because the same happened to me on my own blog – and I didn’t notice for several months, for crying out loud 😉 Anyway, thanks for the re-linked images: Those new WIPs are looking fantastic, and I am still super-thrilled about this particular project of yours!


      2. I agree that the poses are rather limited. But being a fan of oldhammer I cant say I mind it terribly. Also I’ve probably never assembled a group to be “just” the base models so it doesn’t really matter to me.
        (a very personal opinion, I totally get why people wouldn’t like them)

        I’m swept away to Outgard at the moment. But the new genestealer release gave me some inspiration for gasmasks so I’ll try and get back to my martians soon enough:)


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