Karkosha Tree



Its been a very busy couple of months so Ive had to completely suppress my warhammer addiction, But I felt like I couldnt end the year without giving some sort of update. Some of you might remember a teaser for this terrain piece a while back. So here it is in all its hard-to-photo glory!

Made it with one of the absolutely fantastic concepts that John Blanche did for the Pilgrym in mind. Check it out here

Theres still a lot to do. Im looking to muddying up the base with all kind of marshy sumpness. But dont expect anything finished soon.


Anyways, I hope the holidays will treat you well.

12 thoughts on “Karkosha Tree

  1. As always, love the combination of bits. You can make any bit from any kit just fit. That skull in the eye is great. What are those figures in the shadows? Are they the Sumpkaerls that the muties have been whispering about?

    My only nitpick which is completely optional would be the shortness of the column the Karkosha Tree is sitting upon. Maybe make it taller and towering? Your decision in the end. Simply suggesting 🙂


    1. The shortness was pretty much a practical thing. But I think it fits the more “sunken” theme of the sump. I’d really like to make a more highrise obelisk thing for something Terra based though. Maybe int the future;)

      In the shadows lurk Old man Grugge and a mysterious wytch.

      Cheers mate!


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