Ink dump



Servo Medusa, inspired by Migs outstanding model.


Spyrer Brat or bastard. Taxidermy loincloth ripped from Frans Floris design


Below: random old(ish) rough concepts for actual minis


Spyrer brat, Eagle Cultist or maybe Macharian cultist.


A pair of sumpkarls for my Outgardian sump crew


6 thoughts on “Ink dump

  1. Sump Kaerls are a great idea. I see alot of Blanche imagery in the black flames and the sun/face icon. I see you are incorporating the face-torso design on some other ideas. Sometimes your ideas deviate from Gothic and go to the more Roman and Greek style which I think I just as cool and awesome!

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      1. Nah, personally I don’t care for instagram. I hate the fact that I cant save images to my computer.
        When Jb posted his minis on the ironsleet insta I had to zoom in on different segments of the pic, press printscreen, and then assemble the sections in order to have a file with decent resolution on my computer. So annoying (although worth it)

        Also; I dont even own a smartphone;)


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