As the rad-shields fell, we rose!

From verdant earth to red sand. From weakness to strength.

Beat the drum! Toll the great bell! Let the Electric pulse claim your flesh and veins!

Ignite! Ignite! Ignite!


The Electro-King, Arche-Node Phi, to his band of warbrothers before their raid of radiation shelter +28-43-omega+

Saw this awsome post by Alex over at Leadballoony. It reminded me of an old idea that I used to tinker with. A warband from the period when the Cult Mechanicus was just about to see the light of day on the soil of Mars. Techno-tribes and mech-barbarian warlords vying for power in the red apocalyptic wasteland. Mutants and men who would form the foundation of The Mechanicum.

Now I’m back on this idea in full swing (don’t worry I’m gonna finish my HARVSPEX first). Eighties hair for the warrior cults! Strange mutated proto-techpriests! Archeotech weaponry and strange magnetic dreams of a “hollow serpent”! A great King of Mars and his trusted warband.

I’ll want to bring in rad visual influences from the new mad max movie and oldhammer/rogue-trader retro feelings.

I got myself exited!

Here’s some concepts of a heavy warrior from the Hollow Serpent lodge:

ersth dynasti vaering

version 2

ersth dynasti vaering 2

My only worry is that I’ll miss the absence of servoskulls and other classical w40k imperial iconography…

cobbled together a mini with the use of the new genestealer bodies (don’t look at his legs, They are completely temporary and will be replaced by something that looks like the legs in my concepts above)

wip 19

Let me know what you think guys!


24 thoughts on “MARS 01 DYNASTY

      1. Wow – thanks! 🙂 I hope to have an update on them soon actually – they have their first outing tomorrow evening, so I’m racing to get them at least base coated and shaded in time… should be quick job to add highlights and detail over the weekend & next week, so expect a flurry of posts on the subject 🙂


  1. The early days of the Mechanicus Cult – that’s a really interesting idea. I’m currently working on my own Techno-Barbarian project, but taking it to Mars as a proto-Ad Mech group is a brilliant idea.


  2. A really promising conversion. You have really been able to capture the spirit of your concept art. The new genestealer cultist models seem to work really well (make sure you remove the cult symbols though!)! As for what head option to use, I feel both would be great. My initial thought would be leaning towards the second, but that is just because it is so standard 40k. The first option would branch out more and try new things, so that would be worth doing too!


    1. yeh! The retro space suit are a perfect foundation. I’m thinking head 1 since it has that mad maxian feel I’m looking for.
      I’m sortof thinking about repurposing the cult symbols so that they represent the “hollow serpent”. The warrior cult employed by the thunder king worships this Deity that comes to them in drug induced dreams. It’s supposed to be a hint at the Void Dragon sleeping underneath Mars.


  3. Marvelous. One of the things I love about this conversion is how it seems to evoke classic Space Marine Power Armor in a developmental stage while remaining wholly original and unique. I actually prefer the first head. Whilst it might be unlike what we might expect to see, it is very reminiscent of JB’s pre-Imperial Techno-Barbarians and Unification Warriors.


  4. That is freaking fantastic! Love the idea, the artwork and the first WIP conversion! I am getting a huge Immortan Joe Vibe from the first version of the artwork, while the facemask in the second version is very cool, but would be more fitting for some kind of henchman, if you ask me.

    The really interesting opportunity here is to experiment with classic postapocalyptic influences as well as a more barbarian, feudal take on the Mechanicus. And there’s the whole cult angle, of course. I am waiting for the next update with bated breath 😉

    Before I forget: That chaos-trophy used as a peg leg — that has to be one of the most amazing conversion ideas ever! Brilliant!


  5. Brilliant idea – I’ve wanted to do some stuff from that era for ages, and feel like we’re starting to get the parts for it. I’ve been looking at the Bloodreavers, and how they could become techno-barbarians. Your sketches are fantastic.


    1. Thanks man! I’d love to see more Technobarbarians on the net!
      The bloodreavers are cool but they are to healthy looking for me, perfect anatomy and sturdy thick legs. I want my guys to be sickly and weird. One large arm, one thin. Weak legs helped by augmentics and torso muscles warped by chemicals and mutation.


      1. I know what you mean – I tried some work with the Hobbit goblins, but the scale is just ever so slightly too small for most bits. Ungor might be worth a look – is there a kit with bare legs??


      2. I really want bare legs with loincloths, they’d be great for this. Still, you’re right – those chaos legs are good. Fingers crossed for a plastic Goliath kit if Necromunda is rereleased.


  6. This is looking so good, I’m surprised just how closely you’ve managed to replicate your concept art (which is beautiful by the way). I think you should go with the first head, it has that nice barbarian look I’d imagine the founders to have.


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