More Wips

I’m back from Stockholm. I’ve been bogged down with work the past few days, so I haven’t done much warhammering.

But I’ve thrown together some fresh wips for ya all.

wip 16 wip 15

An ancient techpriest, a Forgeworld elder. This was an old model I made almost one year ago. I made it mostly to practice greenstuffing cloth and such. spruced it up slightly in the past day and base coated it. Now I’ll use it to practice painting:) the circle is complete.

wip 18


An armoured Explorator, perhaps previously a Skitarii vanguard commander. I’m gonna do some more work on his arms and stomach, but hopefully I’ll have him ready for paint before too long…

wip 17 wip 14

Two tack concepts. The first one is a rough bitzconcept of how I might make the AVGVR DOMINVS that I mentioned in a previous post.

The second one is some kind of Psyker/witch huntress. Many of the bitz are placeholders right now. I’m going to sculpt a lot in greenstuff and try to make her reminiscent of a Sister of Silence.


since people’s been asking what’s up with the huntress here are some (suuuper rough) concepts for how  I intend to make her look

gargyla gargyla 2


Let me know what you think!

Also as a bonus:


my gloriously primitive greenstuff tool altar



8 thoughts on “More Wips

  1. These all look fantastic! I love the explorator especially, he just works on so many levels. The -ahem- sister of silence is looking cool too, I’m looking forward to how she’ll shape up (although she might need a shave haha)


  2. That augur dominatus.. hot damn how great it’s turning out. True to it’s origin of artwork and sketches. My absolute favourite of these pieces. Props for the hightech GS altar too, looks efficient 😉


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