lupus gladiator



I’m in Stockholm for a week or so. This means I’m unable work with my beloved bitz or my two-component love: greenstuff. To keep my w40k mind at ease I painted some concept art of another Gladiator. I really enjoy making these, next up I’m thinking harpy/eagle/vulture something…

Hope you can forgive the coming week’s lack of actual models:I


5 thoughts on “LUPUS

  1. Another digital painting, a rara aves indeed and a wonderful thing to see…
    Lupus is of course Latin for wolfe… the skulle, or maske which he bears. Sulla was a famous roman general, which carries with it the associationne of the wolfe which suckled romulus and remus. The loincloth pteruges, the strips of leather, is very roman…

    Another (… we can never see too many!) figure of rotting splendour, surrounded by hallucinatorie fumes… the animal-maskes, bull or wolfe or eagle, must be terrifying in the haze of aether, the mind now seeing a masked manne, now a horrible minotavrre or werewolfe… The tubes and pipes that run under the skulle help increase the frightening ambiguity — is the skull fused irremovably to his head? is it… throne forbid… his heade??? Terror, the harvspices playe on terror… Bothe of your gladiatorres stand upright, a pose giving a sense of twisted power and almoste dignitie… perhaps coached to do so to increase the power and terror of the harvspices collegivm.

    Manie of my remarks about squalor and splendour, those keynotes of terra, apply here as well — the wealthy harvspices want their servants to reflect something of their glorie, like a footman’s livery, but the ‘glory’ is a carrion dignity torn from the backes of dying pilgrymmes or found rotting in low terra, a foul, greasy fur collar and a set of knightlie greaves, an ill-understood, grimie, revered relique taken to outfit their knighte guardiannes.

    The skin is greasy, sweaty, necrotic, with ‘lupvs’ i imagine not tattooed but cut into his skinne… implants erupt from his skin like boils, leaking oil and pus… The greasy cartilaginous remains of some wretche who fell foule of the harvspices serves as a hideous warning.. though there are pipes running to it… does the braine of the poor deville help sustain his various drugs and augmetics, a warning and a perverse servo-skulle? Nothinge can be wasted in the squalid charnel-future of the 41st millenniumme…

    The roman numeral X or the greeke chi seems to be a recurring theme… carved into the skulles, carved or tattooed on his flesh, even dangling on an absurde golde chain as a charm fused into his arm. The servo-skulle seems to administer combat drugges or help maintain his wracked metabolisme.

    The left arm not only terminates in a claw, which seems to be a bladed frameworke over the hande, but is braced with augmetics to increase its strength… augmetics which must be verie painful, increasing his anger like a wounded beast, piercing skin and muscle and crudely clamped to bone. The other hand carries… what? A club, the end fused with a servo-skulle? No, I feare it is the severed head of some enemie… notice the blood seeping from it, the hanging augmetics, which, with their syringe endings, actually looke like a harvspex… no honour amongst thieves…

    The banners and icons which surround him are carried, I imagine, by the priestes, while I faintly see a great crowde in the fumes… perhaps he stands on some higher point with his masters about him..


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    1. Well structured as always. Great substance for a humble sketch! I like that his implants would be painful, causing him to become more violent. With more implants he would become a beast unable to speak, shaking and snarling in anger and in fear. The gladiatorial promotors would be carefull to not add too much augmentations as it would in the end brake the animal, rendering him apatethic and still.
      The knowledge of how far a beast can be pushed with augmentics is passed down from promotor to promotor over the ages.

      I have an obsession with the letter X. Something viscious about it’s form, a letter that hurts.
      He is meant to hold a freshly ripped of heade, I imagined he ripped it out at the “root”, pulling with him augmentics and alike.

      The banners are actually small poles with iconography stuck in the ground. I don’t think there’s any real president for this in the w40k universe. Except maybe for the small black flags in this painting

      cheers mate!


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