Alright, to follow-up on the post from yesterday.

I’ve been concepting a small group of minis for TERRA. At first it was mostly meant to be one guy, but I got hooked on the idea and the theme and decided to make a few more.

I’m taking alot of inspiration from Tonis’ awesome stuff and fluff over at ironsleet, Hopefully it won’t come of as a steal…


The scavengers of TERRA come in many forms. Ill carrion worms and birds, sanctified eagles of prey. The weak and meek billions of Pilgrymmes who trod the filthy floor of TERRA more often than not find their cloth and hides ripped apart by the greedsick and foul natives.

Among these predators few are as self-righteous and austentatious as those of the Harvspices Collegium. In their trade the official and self-aggrandizing manifesto proclaims their God-given right to foretell the future with whatever means necessary.

Most of the Sub-guilds and groupations under the Collegium are made out of frauds, opportunists and criminals and lack any pedigree of note. But a sacred few are rumored to have lineages tracing back to the techno-barbarians of old TERRA.

In its origin their practises would mostly concern the opening and reading of Ur-Capri-Corn and similar ancient mammal Innards. But in this tyme and age these seers have found a far more gilded and holy beast to open and read. The Pilgrymme is a tired and “willing” victim. Once arriving on TERRA their tired limbs and incapability to fight back is taken as a sign of their supreme personal offering to the Collegium. They offer their bodies as charts over the future and the Collegium humbly accepts.

But it is, as is all on TERRA, a business. The fine clothing cut from Pilgryms and the jewlery they’ve gathered on their long treacherous journey is also “accepted” by the Collegium. Because of this many of their priests and augurs are clad in the finest spoils. Amulets and exotic hides cover their bodies. This brings in a certain material wealth into the Collegium, which in turn has led to numerous investigations by branches of the Administratum.

But the ever-important monetary wealth comes from elsewhere. The Collegiums priests on the floor of TERRA would say this wealth comes from above. But a more accurate answer would be that the money flow from the spires of TERRA. For the socialites of the higher levels it is not uncommon to have predictions and signs delivered from the depths of their world. The superstitious elite secretly often ask for financial advise from this “occult” source. But many with more wealth than they could hope to spend find it an amusing pastime to receive fresh blood soaked news concerning the state of the Imperium. Or for that instance the information about their esteemed neighbours medical situation.

It’s fashion.


Here are some concept scribbles of the group I’ll be trying to construct, excuse their laziness.

harvspices concept dump 1


  1. A gimp(ish) Sibylla. Pumped with secret chemicals he will show the truth. His arm has been ritually removed in a custom which origin and meaning is long forgotten and lost.
  2. A Harvspex. Augmentive flesh and bone cutters are a common trait. The Skulls on his back are filled with Chemicals that, at his command, will fill his body and put him in a meditative trance. Thus making him able to see the future in the bowels of a poor Pilgrym.
  3. The Delphi Engine. A strange spliced servitor beast that “carries” an enormous incense censer. Wherever he goes a cloud of hallucinative fumes follows.
  4. AVGVR DOMINUS-minor (placeholder name). Spiritual leader of a smaller group of priests. (this guy is straight up from one of Blanche’s divine illustrations, a priest being that I’ve always wanted to try and build.)
  5. Some symbols for the group. The multi-iris eye is an interpretation of the “shaman eye”.

and a super rough concept of the group

harvspices concept dump 2

and lastly

a wip teaser

wip 11




27 thoughts on “TERRA HARVSPICES II

  1. I love these illustrations, the group one is simply fantastic, emphasizing all of the similarities and the differences of the characters. I recognized the AVGVR DOMINUS from your illustration, so you certainly captured the spirit from the original piece.

    The background for the group is really intriguing and interesting, with a huge amount of potential to explore. What do you foresee the overall purpose of the group is? Certainly their services are used by Nobles and others, but what is the goal of the group as a whole? Or is each member quite independent, using their skills to further their own personal ends?


    1. Thank you so much!
      I have not thought out any mission or goal for these guys yet. Right now they’re mostly here for flavour, a malevolent presence standing on the floor of Terra looking over the millions of civilians with hungry eyes.
      But maybe one of them has been plagued by visions of something that is coming to Terra. A biotic terror that threatens to change their goodly oppulent lives on Terra.
      Or maybe they are searching for their promised land. The original Delphi leak where the oracle sat millenia ago.


  2. ”Ill carrion worms and birds, sanctified eagles of prey” .. a wonderful turn of phrase…

    The sibyl — i particularly like the arm removed in a custom the purpose of which has been long forgotten… like so much of terra, decay and advancing darknesse of mind and body as the emperor decays…

    The haruspex, like your larger haruspex, shows himself in filthy splendour torn from the backes of willing — so they say — pilgrymmes, greasy fur, a golde chain, perhaps, amongst the fur, his arm ending in a twisted metal claw. The maske now makes sense to receive the hallucinatory fumes regulated by the skulls — an inspired idea.

    the avgvr-dominus is a figure of twisted semi-angelic splendour, with golden fittings, I imagine over a foetid robe spattered with his trade, his arms stunted and odd suggesting his parasitic life…

    The censer carried by the delphique servitor suggests the fumes which escaped from the crack over which the sibyl of delphi in ancient Greece… the thin spindly legs and stunted arms supporting a twisted mass of flesh and the censer-tail give it a nightmareish are, slightly impossible and dremelike, as if it comes from the fume-induced ”visiones” of the Collegium.

    The groupe together… the sibyl pointing, it seems, to some wretch ”fated’ to fall into their hands who will look up in hope and comfort when he sees a group of priestes, only to feel narcotics overpower him.

    It is ironic that they are plastered with eyes when they see…nothing. There is nothing to see in the entrailles, their trances are chemical ‘trips’, the prophecies meaningless couplets. I imagine them shuffling round a pilgrymme — I have a horrible idea it is vivisection, he is kept drugged until he is cut open, the haruspices in a chemical-induced trance or ‘trip’ circling the body, poking, moaning, wailing, cutting, observing, intoning, until a cracked voice howls out the Emperor’s will in a sing-song couplet… then the poor body is thrown aside and another cut open…

    Depended on by the desperate masses of Terra — my sonne is sicke of the palsie, will he live? — indulged by a decadent nobilitie… gilded, robed, filthy vultures, quite literally as they stoop over a corpse.

    The haruspices deserve to go on pilgrymmage… i’m sure laurence would love them…


    1. Again nicely put Graye, I very much enjoy your gruesome vision of the vivesection.

      Yes! The floating AVGVR’s foetid robe. A remnant from the tyme when he walked like a common priest or animal. Now a bloodspattered umbilical cord tying his current visage to his humble origines.

      Thank you for this!


      1. Excellent, Marcus…
        Thank you, it’s a pleasure, you’re one of the two or three ‘pilgrymme congeners’ (you, Kari… perhaps a few others, I don’t know) whose work I like alongside that of Thistle… you’re the only people who know how to draw the darke milleniumme…


      2. I ought to add Rune Nielsen to the list… I’m talking about pictures, not miniatures (where you join another small constellation of illuminators… Thistle himself, master of the Scriptorium, Migs, Kari, Toni, PDH … off the Pilgrymme Helge Wilhelm Dahl, Weirdingway and some of Ammobunker’s Nuclear Hawke… I will have missed some, whose work and that alone I look at… ) masters of the Darke Milleniumme.


  3. This is great!! I don’t see it as a steal I just see it that you have been inspired. The Beatles were inspired by American R&B but look how cool they became hehe. I too, am feeling quite inspired by Iron Sleet. To be honest I don’t know much about what they’re talking about but I love the visuals it’s creating for me. This post too is equally as cool. The drawings are great. The ideas are fantastic and I’m looking forward to seeing them all come to life.


    1. thanks!
      I was actually thinking that they moved slowly and wavy (like seaweed)! This in order to convey a hypnotic feeling of ether fumes and incense smoke that floats around them


      1. Yes… I imagine for the Haruspices lyfe is a mix of drugge-trance and waking ritualle, fraud and ceremonie… It reminds me strangely of the Wizard of Oz who used smoke to impress the gullible — similarly the hypnotic fumes bothe permit their trances and render their audience more susceptible…


  4. It seems that the Harvspices use their fraudulent claims of (mis)fortune-telling to use drugs. Mabe the Harvspices only want the hallucogens and justify their addiction by sacrificing pilgryms.


  5. This is extremely inspiring stuff! It seems once again I must kick things up a notch 🙂
    Currently adding the final touches on a band of pilgrims, poor souls dont know what’s coming for them..


    1. haha dude you’ve been kicking it up way to high already!
      I saw the pilgrims btw, fantastic work.
      I have to ask you how you paint gold man, it’s sublime!


      1. hi, lots of people have been asking indeed.
        In short: mithril silver, flesh wash, flesh wash + green ink, auric armour gold, mithril silver 🙂


      2. No wonder people’s been asking, it’s probably the best gold paintjob I’ve seen.
        thank you! I’m trying that as I write actually. auric gold as drybrush?


      3. I’ve done the final highlights as quite a reserved, controlled application. Only a very small area on the most highest points…


  6. Hey, sorry if this question is out of the blue, but how did you do those sketches? It looks like you inked it on paper and then did digital over top?


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