Pilgrym teaser

Some things were swept aside for the moment. The forge re-ignited. Ancient relics and ornament cured overnight and pushed out in a feverish hurry.

The floor of Terra will be filled.

Gold, Oil and Bone.

Metal smell in the air, scorched engine oil and burned ozone.

wip 10

(Molde V-adviced- to be retired, note Dux Gilde Ferrarios. Caution, last such -advice- led to flogging of 13 men, 5 of which did not survive.)


9 thoughts on “Pilgrym teaser

  1. Gold, oil and bone… those three things almost sum up Terra, the world of the Golden Throne, a living machine-creature of flesh and arcane technology that seems to permeate all Terra, the gilt and anointed temple world sustained by and revering sacrificial death, the bone — either of the astronomican choirs or the Emperor’s endless psychic agony, all of this gold rotting away, the holy oils used to mask the foul scent of sweat, blood and most of all of formalin and slowly decaying fleshe…

    your aether horse and stalking incense-servitor, creaking along the winding corridors of the temple-world, suggest your work will be of the first class… keep it up! I mean to give your painting one of my screeds but I have two older Blanches to do first… hope no offence, it’s wonderful…. Terra is as you say a gilt carcase.


    1. good words, well said.
      I would see fat black oil as the blood pulsing within and throughout this machine world. But the thin fragrant sacred oils, nearly but not quite masking the scent of death, play their part in the odor of terra no doubt.
      no offence taken ofcourse, I’m very much looking forward to your interpretation!


      1. A distinction I would not have made — wonderful and very true — the thick, pulsing oily blood-ichor of terra…. Thank goodness for the collaborative nature of the Pilgrymme and other explorationnes of holie terra — artiste spurs on artiste, and I comment as best I can…


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