WIPs aplenty

Until the Pilgrym overtook me and brought me back to Terra and the Emperor, I most recently delved inteo Chaos and mutations, those legionaries who had burned in the corrosive Eye first and longest.

But now I’m rediscovering my old wip casket filled with techpriests, administratum officials and alike.

Here are some wips, you’ll have excuse the tackiness of these chaps.

wip 1

A group on a mission.

wip 2

A variation of the Mechanicvm henchman on the left.

wip 3

Idea for greenstuffing.

wip 4  wip 5

closeups of a fighting gimp and a sinister priest.

wip 6

on a separate note: this striding nightmare might be walking in the golden bowels of Terra.

I was reminded of him and his cathedral face yesterday when I saw John Blanche’s superb painting over at ironsleet .

I have never recorded my thoughts on stories behind my minis and I won’t go into deep storytelling mode just yet.

These men are searching for something. They were first conceptualised months ago. Back then they where hunting an ancient mechanical construct named the “AETHER HORSE”.

This mystical being was sought out with great fervor by the Adeptus Mechanicvs as it was said it held records of mankind’s efforts and ideas during the Dark age of technology. The sanctified men of the imperivm sought after this being as it was seen as the pure embodiment of the Omnisiah. Machine and meat in natural beauty.

It’s ability to teleport, as well as having a natural occurring disruptive field forming for miles around it, has made the being incredibly elusive. In this century it has only been seen twice.

wip 7



19 thoughts on “WIPs aplenty

  1. Oh yes… Some seriously good conversions here! I’m not sure where to begin?
    The green stuff mock-up is definitely an idea you should follow up on, the ripped cloth by his head gives a sense of some design of ancient murder-construct.
    The priests robes and tiny manipulator appendage are great, a real non-threatening yet malign character.
    The henchman on the end is giving off a real slaaneshi techno-pervert vibe, from his gas mask, tight clothes and phallic vial placement.
    Seriously inspirational!


    1. Thanks!
      I thought maybe there could be a strange gimp warrior cult in the Hive’s forces. Some kind of slave-caste that love taking (battle)pain could be a good substitute for a professional army. Perhaps this cult is secretly corrupted by a slaanesh master working from within the hive.

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  2. You have a lot of great models here! I like your use of the Stormcast to create someone in power armor; it is nice how it is not immediately evident that that is where the legs are from though. You have used the Skitarii parts very well also, creating a band of interesting individuals that stand on their own as characters. My favorite is the one based around the sicarian robot, however. The necron spine going into that skull relic works wonderfully to create an interesting head. The sense of motion you created in it is good too, with is outstretched claw and chain. Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks, the stormcast range are a great help in the act of true-scaling. However I will have to add cables and probably some studs, otherwise there’s a risk that it looks a bit like a medieval knight with a gun.

      again, thank you so much for all the kind words


  3. Welcome to wordpress Marcus, that’s an incredible collection of models you’ve put together. I’m struggling to pick a favourite but the ‘striding nightmare’ and the aether horse itself are exactly the kind of wonderfully creative models that make the Inq28 scene so great.

    I get the impression (correct me if I’m wrong) that you’ve not shown off your collection of chaos worshippers elsewhere – in which case I’m sure many of us would love to see them here, if they’re of the same calibre as this lot I know there’ll be a lot of inspirational material for heretics like myself to dig through.


      1. I know that feeling well. Not sure what set up you use but getting a decent flashgun was one of the best things I ever did. Still a bit of a hassle stopping things from ending up over exposed but a lot better than the dull, muddy messes I was struggling with before. The photos you’ve shown so far have looked great though so I suspect you know your business well enough there 🙂

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      1. Fair enough! But what’s the character’s story at the moment? Based on that you could come up with a chapter. I’d be interested to see why he has been separated from his chapter and is moving on his own (despite hanging out with mere mortals).


      2. Not much thought has gone into it yet. I’m focusing more on my priest projects atm.
        But I’m thinking perhaps an ancient pact betwen his chapter and a forgeworld has made him fill the duty of a bodyguard for the group.
        Maybe ironhands, but I don’t want to paint black armour:I


      3. Ok, so you’d need to have another colour than black. Whilst the Iron Hands are most famous for it, they are not the only chapter with close links to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Their Successor Chapters probably also have close links, and it’s nice to have a later founding chapter around for a change. If you look at the official material it’s almost as if the only Space Marine Chapters out there are the original 9 who survived the Horus Heresy. 😛

        The ‘Sons of Medusa’, ‘Red Talons’, or ‘Brazen Claws’ all have very distinct colour schemes.

        However, I doubt close links to the AdMech are exclusive to the Iron Hands and their successors. On the other hand, since this whole storyline is taking place on Terra, how about a Minotaur? Their bronze scheme does look pretty cool and they have very close links to the High Lords of Terra.


      4. maybe do my own version of sons of medusa.
        I’ve always liked the name and the iconography.
        but I can’t stand the lime green


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